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Car rental in Porec у  

Car rental in Porec у

Porec is situated in a wonderful location on the peninsula, which is standing out far enough into the sea. The city is an interesting picture itself of the unusual blend of many styles of architecture, attracting tourists with their uniqueness. Most of the buildings in the city combined the features of the ancient Roman, expressed clearly enough, in spite of such a variety of styles. There are a lot of places with unique indescribable beauty, but to see most of them you need to rent a small car in Porec. In this case, you will be able to fully enjoy all the leisure activities offered in this city. Emerald lagoons with crystal clear water, amazing plants,clean sea air and mild climate are attracting many tourists from different countries. Special attraction of the city is the Basilica of St. Efrazius, where the famous sixth-century mosaic picture is located, which depicts the Virgin Mary, baby Jesus and the saints Eurasian and Maurus, are the patron saint of the city.

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We provide you with an opportunity to search for offers in all rental companies of Porec . You can choose the brand of your favorite rental company or a more profitable option provided by local firms.

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