Rent a car in Kyoto

Rent a car in Kyoto  

Rent a car in Kyoto

Kyoto is considered the ancient capital of Japan, whose history began in the year 794. The Japanese called this amazing old city Heian (Heian Kyo) - which means "city of calm and peace." Today, Kyoto is a thriving cultural center of Japan and a favorite tourist destination. It is a quiet city in which life flows measuredly and slowly, here you can simply walk on foot through the streets of the city, admiring the unique architecture of both ancient and modern world, but you will not be able to walk around the whole city on foot, since its size is very large. To visit places such as the Pure Water Temple, the Silver Pavilion - Ginkakuji, Kinkakuji - the Golden Pavilion or the Ninjo Jo Park, built in the 17th century, you need to rent a car, which is quite simple in Tokyo. A particularly favorite place for visitors to the city is the quiet Quay Kamokagawa, where you can see the beautiful natural landscapes and enjoy the creations of nature combined with the handcrafts of the city's inhabitants of several generations.

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Free cancellation and modifications 24 hours before your pick up. Less than 24 hours - 50 EUR cancellation fee will apply.

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Taxes, Airport Fee, Third Party Liability Protection, CDW & Basic Insurance, Unlimited Milage* and breakdown Assistance.

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  • Comfortable selection of alternatives with opportunity to return car back in other city or country.
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    If you plan to rent a car in Kyoto and return it in another city or country, cars-scanner will quickly find offices of companies offering this option. The price already includes in a charge for return elsewhere. Make a test search and become convinced at incredibly attractive prices offered by our service.

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    Airports & railway stations: Okinawa Naha airport, Osaka Kansai airport
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