Rent a car in Carinthia with a 70% discount

Car rental in Carinthia  

Car rental in Carinthia

Such cities as Austrian Carinthia are ideal for those people who want to have a perfect rest. This city is not a world leader in the number of incoming tourists, but the people who visited it once will come back again. There is everything that might interest a potential tourist in Corinthia: ancient castles, museums, a great ski resort, a wonderful lake. It is better to get around by a rented car in Corinthia, furthermore, renting a car is not a problem here. Prices for this service aren’t as high as in other countries, and the quality of service may be even higher.

Free cancellation

Free cancellation and modifications 24 hours before your pick up. Less than 24 hours - 50 EUR cancellation fee will apply.

Best price Guarantee

We offer exclusive rates with maximum discounts. Our prices are the most profitable and always lower than retail prices from car rental companies.

All included in rental price

Taxes, Airport Fee, Third Party Liability Protection, CDW & Basic Insurance, Unlimited Milage* and breakdown Assistance.

24-7 Customer support

UK.....44 2036422248
USA...1 3128435785

FR.....33 184884679
DE.....0800 1818415
ES.....34 912768456

International reservation system са is:


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Renting a car in Carinthiathrough us you’ve got indisputable advantages:• Saving to 70 in comparison with consumer prices. • Advanced package of options that are already included in basic cost of lease. • Comfortable selection of alternatives with opportunity to return car back in other city or country. • Opportunity to annulment without any sanctions.


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Popular destination in Austria: Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Tyrol, Baden

Customer reviews
We have a tradition with friends to go to Oktoberfest. We always rent a car in a kars scanner, save a lot of time and money. Once did not even have time to refuel before leaving the car, so the company's representatives did not even say anything to us, they simply included gasoline into the cost of services. I recommend to everyone.
Recently I've compared different aggregators to the stability of operation in different browsers. This one has won the fight. There have been no lags during the testing even on the old laptop with standard Internet. Other resources have failed.
I rested in Switzerland. I enjoyed the local roads on a good car. At the same time, I didn't spend much money, because I had found the most affordable option via this resource.
Our flight was delayed by about 5 hours and we had no way of contacting the company of our late arrival. Naturally we were a bit worried whether our booking would still be in place when we eventually arrive. It was. The paperwork was ready to go and we were in our rented car and on our way within 15 minutes of arrival. The quality of the car was much better than we expected as well. Very clean.

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