What type of documents should I show to the representatives of a rental company when picking-up a car?   
You must have a credit card in the lead drivers name with sufficient funds to cover the excess and the driving license. In some cases be ready also to provide an air ticket and passport.   
  Can the company rent a vehicle for renters under 21 years old?    
    We provide rental service to the drivers over 21 years old. Maximum driver’s age is 75 years old.   
  Can I cross the border of a country where I rented a car?  

Yes, it’s possible, but not in every case. You can read the policy of border crossing in terms and conditions of booking by clicking on "rate details”.

  What cards accepts for payment?    

MasterCard, Visa are accepted for vehicle rental payment.

  Is there a minimum car rental period your company allows?   
    A minimum rental period is one day (24 hours) at You can rent a vehicle for a shorter period, however, in this case your funds are non-refundable for the time unused.   
    What is included in car rental service on your website  

Rental service includes:

- Rate for the whole period of car rental;
- Local VAT;
- Collision Damage Waiver (CDW, the deductible is from €150);
- Unlimited mileage;
- Third Party Liability Protection (with no deductible);
- Airport fees;
- Theft waiver (the deductible is from €150);
- 24-hour breakdown assistance of a vehicle rental broker;
- 24-hour breakdown assistance of a local vehicle rental.   

    Do you equip the offered rental vehicles with mud-and-snow tires?   

All our partners, without any exception, provide rental cars only with all-seasons tires. In some cases, this service may be for an additional charge.

  Can I rent a car with the child safety seats on the website  
    If you want to rent a car equipped with the child safety seats, select this option when booking. You will be provided with a car equipped with a child seat.  
  Do I have to pay additional local fees?  

For the convenience of our customers tries to provide services on car rental with "all inclusive" system. But some countries require the payment of local fees. For example, in Jersey and Barbados there is a Licensee Fee charged, in the Republic of South Africa a Contract Fee imposed, in Austria – a Government Tax.
You will also have to pay for selected extras to a car rental company (roof racks for skis and bicycles, child seats, additional insurance, etc.). Your voucher clearly specifies all compulsory fees you have to pay when booking.

  I lost my booking number or voucher. What should I do?  

Do not worry. You can just contact our operator by email or phone, and we will send you a copy of the voucher or restore your booking number.
+(44) 203 642 2248

  Can I modify my reservation?  

Yes, you can make changes via special form on the website.
Changes made 24 hours prior to the rental start are free of charge. If they are made less than 24 hours before starts to render services, your deposit becomes non-refundable. Our recommendation is to carefully check the information on changes in your reservation.   

    I would like to cancel my reservation. What should I do for it?   

You can cancel your reservation via website special form.
Standard cancellation terms: free cancellation 24 hours before your pick up. If you cancel reservation less than 24 hours - 50 EUR cancellation fee will apply. Cancellation is not allowed after the car has been picked up. If the customer don't arrive to the rental desk and don't inform about cancellation - no funds will be reimbursed. In some cases cancellation sanctions may vary - be sure to note the relevant paragraph in rental conditions.

  Do I have to tell you the flight number?  
    It’s desirable to specify this information when booking if you plan to rent a car right in the airport. It will help our professionals to fulfill their work to the best and prepare a car for you on time. If you don’t know the flight number when booking, you can inform us later, but preferably no less than 24 hours prior to the rental beginning.    
  How can I find the representative of a rental company?  

Your voucher clearly specifies his address. If you pick up a car in the airport, the terminal will be indicated in your document. If you are afraid to get lost, please call our operator who will help you with the search of a rental company representative.     

  How much fuel will be in my rental car?    
    Usually a rental car is rented with a full tank in all countries and must be returned with the same amount of fuel. The shortage of fuel is to be paid by a renter according to supplier’s rates.  
  If my rental car involves in an accident who will pay for its repair?  

All rental vehicles presented on the website are covered against risks by CMTPL and CNC insurances. In the event of accident the renter is responsible for vehicle damage within the deductable. The driver should immediately call the police to complete an accident report, as well as to contact the car rental company.  

  Where can I return a rental car after the rental closure? Do I have to go to the rental company location or can I drop it off where it’s convenient for me?       

It’s allowed to return a vehicle in any rental office location within one country. You can also return a rental car in another country. To make sure there is such a possibility and to check the rate, check mark “different return location” in the search box and select a city you need. 

  What is the return policy of a rental vehicle?   

A vehicle must be returned to the rental company in the same condition as it was rented. Easy dirty spots are acceptable. If a car is too dirty outside and inside, the rental company has the right to charge you for dry cleaning and car wash.  

  What if I don’t have enough time to return a vehicle on set time?  

If you delay in return for 12 or less hours, you will have to pay 60% of the daily rate, if the delay is more than 12 hours – the full day rate will be charged. If it happens, you are to contact our operator, because if there is no prompt notification a rental company can take exceptional steps, including search of car theft. Try to calculate the rental period correctly not to be involved in this type of situation.   

  What is the difference between the company and other auto brokers?   
    We have agreements with the leading multinational companies, such as EuropCar, SIXT, Budget, Dollar, Avis, Alamo, Thrifty, Hertz, National, as well as national local car rental companies offering high-level services.
In each city the company has at least 3-4 providers of car rental service.

Our analysts monitor rates of the largest car rental agencies worldwide daily to guarantee our customers the best service at an affordable price.

Our call-center works 24 hours and provides absolutely any assistance related to booking and car rental.
Our website provides full information to a client in regard to the future vehicle rental.
  What other services your company provides?  

Our website let you make a simple search through 24 global systems of hotel reservation to find suitable alternatives quickly at the best price. is one of the leaders on the online market with the widest range of services for booking cars and hotels in 75 countries worldwide.

Our goal is to provide you with convenience and comfort not only when booking and travelling, but also when you return home.

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